Simple and classy design

Pentagram is one of the largest graphic design companies in the world. This company is based out of London, and there are also locations in New York, San Francisco, Berlin and Austin.

They have many reputable clients. Just a few of the clients include: Nike, Tiffany & Co., 21st Century Fox, United Airlines, and more.

I would choose to work for the design company because of how simple and classy their design usually is.

I am familiar and like the design of most of the companies Pentagram works with.

Here is an example of one of their designs, Saks Fifth Avenue. I especially like this design because of the black and white color scheme and cursive typography.


Photo Courtesy: Lib Magazine

Twitter announces 2016 NFL free streaming

The NFL is going to start live streaming 2016 games through Twitter. The announcement  made on April 5 allows people to watch live NFL games through the social media platform, Twitter. Games can be live streamed through a smartphone.

These games will be available through the website or app.

This social media company bought the rights to live stream for $10 million in a bidding war for 10 Thursday night games. These games will also air on NBC or CBS, who both paid $225 million for 5 games.

Twitter has had difficulties getting new users on the app, so will this help? Will people who regularly talk about NFL games on Twitter stick to tweeting or live stream the content instead?


Photo courtesy: Twitter

NFL has Marvel themed helmets

When you think of Marvel, you probably think of Spiderman, Iron Man, or Captain America. What you would’t immediately associate Marvel with is the National Football Association.

But, that is going to change.

The NFL now has Marvel themed football helmets.

Each of the 32 NFL teams were given a Marvel character as their mascot.

These mascots ranged from Deadpool, Wolverine, and Captain America.

I think this is an interesting way to promote Marvel and the different super heroes in the movies. I like these helmets, I think it was a good idea to make Marvel helmets because of how big of a following Marvel comics and movies have.

I also think it was a good idea to release these helmets on the same day the Avengers sequel was released in theaters.


Two of the football helmets. Photo Courtesy: NFL

What is in store for the future?

This is a question people will ask and think about frequently. What will the world be like in a few hundred years? How will the technology, food, and styles change?

Well, at the 2016 Mashable House, attendees were taken someplace no one else has gone before – 200 years into the future. At least what Mashable House thinks 2268 looks like.

Robots for president? Space travel for spring break? What about hanging out with robots?

Seems far fetched, huh?

Maybe not.

I could see our technology changing and some of these becoming more than a far off dream. We have came so far in the past 200 years, so what is stopping the people in the future from making huge strides in technology and other areas? I would not be surprised if some of these thoughts and ideas came true.


Photo Courtesy: Mashable

Your t-shirt tell others about you

A t-shirt says a lot about you. It can show your humor, style, political preferences, and other personal information about you.

It depends how much you want to share and how you want other people to see you.

Personally, I like simple t-shirts. All of my t-shirts are a solid color, with most of them either black, white or grey.

Clearly, I like simple.

But, not everyone does.

There are t-shirts that can show your passions or hobbies, like this man wearing a t-shirt with a piano:


Photo Courtesy:

If you are looking for a humorous t-shirt, here is an example of a few:


Photo Courtesy:

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 9.44.53 PM.png

Photo Courtesy: Cafe Press

There are also t-shirts that can show off your political preferences:

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 9.51.14 PM.png

Photo Courtesy: Cafe Press

All of these t-shirts are different, but they all have similar designs. They each have a solid color shirt, with color either on the logo, writing, or graphic. This allows people to focus on what you are trying to show off.

They all have pretty simple designs. They are all different types of t-shirts because of the logos on the front, but they all have similar designs.

Uber’s new curbside kiosks

Drunk driving is a big issue all around the world. Ride services such as Uber and Lyft have helped with this problem, but there is still more to be done. Uber’s new invention is a finalist for the Shorty Awards in the technology category.

Uber has introduced Uber Safe. This is a new kiosk set up curbside around nightclubs, bars, and other places people will have been drinking. This kiosk has a breathalyzer, which someone breathes into and if they are over the legal drinking limit, an Uber car will come and pick you up and take you home for free.

This new addition to Uber allows the app to make sure people are okay to drive, and if they aren’t, a car will be called for them. This assures the person who has been drinking’s safety as well as everyone else on the road.

The Uber Safe kiosks are currently being placed all around the world.


Photo Courtesy: Buzzfeed

Logos make an impression, choose wisely!

When running for president, what is one thing everyone will constantly see?

That’s right, the campaign logo.

Since we are currently in the middle of an interesting election, every part of the campaign matters, including the campaign logo. The logo conveys what the candidate is trying to tell the public with small details like fonts, spaces, and other designs.

A lot of the candidates had stars on their logo. I understand stars are an important part on the U.S. flag, but shouldn’t they be a little more creative with their logo?

Maybe not. Maybe having a star is necessary for running for president? I don’t know.

What I do know is many of the candidates had similar logos.

Lincoln Chafee, Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina, Mike Huckabee, and others, all have had stars in their campaign logo.

The logo I liked the best out of the ones I looked at was Ben Carson’s new logo. It has a black background with red and blue words. The words stand out and pop against the dark background. It is clear and states his message in an easy to read font. The message in the logo, which I like, says, “heal, inspire, revive.”

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 8.49.17 PM.pngPhoto Courtesy: Linked In

Reaction to Facebook’s New Reactions

Facebook has recently added “reactions” to their social media website. These reactions will allow users to say, Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad or Angry to a photo or post.reaction.png

Photo Courtesy: Tech Insider

Adding these new reactions will help users communicate better with other users, they will not just have the option to like something, but they have the option to show how they are feeling about the post as well.

The reactions have already been tested around the world and are just now becoming popular in the U.S.

When I first saw them, I was confused. I hadn’t heard much about them before seeing them for myself. I have heard about the “dislike button” people have been talking about for a while now, but had not heard of the new reactions.

I think they are a good idea because they bring more variety to this social media platform and are a new addition. People are very comfortable with Facebook because most users have been active for years now.

I think the reactions are a fun way to further engage with other friends photos and posts.

What’s in the package?

The packaging of an item can sometimes make or break the success of a product.

If an item is necessary, like toilet paper or paper towels, people will be less likely to pay attention to the packaging and will pay attention more to the price because this is an item they need.

Other products, however, need interesting packaging so they can stand out against other similar products. I was doing some research on this topic, and found different interesting shaped tea bags.

I love drinking tea. Green tea and white tea are my favorite, but any type of tea is fair game.

I stumbled across goldfish shaped tea bags. I had never thought of a tea bag being anything other than square, but my life is now forever changed. There are also ‘tea hangers’ where your tea bag is shaped like a t-shirt and hung up on a yellow hanger. This hanger will also hang on the outside of your mug.

These items now stand out in my mind. This is the power of packaging. most-creative-packaging-41-1__700.jpg

Goldfish Tea Bags (Charm Villa)

Photo Courtesy: Creative Teamost-creative-packaging-12__700.jpg

Hanger Tea

Photo Courtesy: Bored Panda

Bored of your outfits? Play Pinterest Roulette

I often find myself staring into my closet full of clothes and asking, “why do I have nothing to wear?”

I have many different articles of clothing, but it becomes difficult to create new outfits all the time. I feel like most of what I wear is similar to the outfit the day before.

The idea of “Pinterest Roulette,” relying on Pinterest for outfit inspirations every day, is interesting. I am regularly on Pinterest, searching for different ways to style my hair or another way to wear a new sweater I bought. But,  I had never thought about fully depending on this website in order to get dressed in the morning.

I have a full board on Pinterest titled, “My Style.” This board is for pins of clothing I would like to own, or to remember a way someone put an outfit together.

I do think playing Pinterest Roulette would be fun for a few days. I would not like to depend on this way of picking out an outfit, but it would be interesting every once in a while to play this game and see what outfit I’m going to wear.


An example of a outfit from “My Style” board on Pinterest